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Online Sales Training Course - Top 33 that Can Help You Improve

Updated: May 12, 2022

Selling often requires work, time, and experience. With innovative training solutions such as FDTC (From Demo To Close) and FDTC University, you might have more options to choose from. However, examining various courses can help you choose one (or more!) to help you enhance your performance. Read on to get to know the best 33 alternatives.

Why Sales Training Courses Are Convenient

As a sales manager or founder, you might have heard about sales training courses and their effectiveness. Although there is a myriad of options you can go for, the most crucial thing to remember is the reason why they're convenient.

A sales training course allows you to understand different strategies and techniques your sales team can use in order to close more deals. They help you comprehend the client in front of you through the use of proper sales discovery questions and perfect your techniques to pitch and demo your product to them.

Online Sales Training Programs List

The best training courses are available, but you need to select from a fantastic list. Take a look at the top 33 options:

1. John Costigan

Keeping things straightforward is essential with John Costigan's sales training courses.

According to him, the most crucial aspect of developing sales skills is to understand what you're doing and why, and this is not possible with overly complicated courses.

The sales techniques you learn with John Costigan allow you to interact with real-life prospects during meetings, and this is called the "LIVE" approach. Costigan Companies has provided training for all types of companies, for example, Google and Tommy Hilfiger, so there is education available for all stages of the selling process.

2. Revenue Storm

You and your team can become sales professionals with Revenue Storm's science-backed approach. These robust sales training programs guarantee that your company relies on creating demand instead of just waiting for buyer-initiated purchases, which might completely change your business structure.

Revenue Storm provides you with different services to improve your sales strategy, such as coaching, consulting, and training. However, the crucial characteristics of the company's help for sales management are its holistic perspective and personalized approach, allowing your business to customize the learning process and tailor it to fit the current needs.

3. Richardson

The best sales training courses need to have examples to prove efficacy, and they need to allow you to review the literature and practical cases of other companies that have succeeded before, so that your business can set goals and achieve positive outcomes.

Richardson's training for the sales process prioritizes this since the company partners with some of the most-known brands all over the world.

After examining the companies' success, it brings you some of the best sales training programs you could ask for, which allows you to understand the specific behaviors and skills you need to develop in the sales process while you build your business' victory.

With an impactful learning approach, Richardson allows you to customize the process and choose your goals, tailoring everything along the way.

4. The Harris Consulting Group

Few companies and sales professionals know what it's like to be born in times of dramatic economic shifts. However, The Harris Consulting Group was formed during one of those, so it focuses on training successful understanding, and efficient sales reps.

Emphasizing immensely pragmatic skills to improve your sales process, The Harris Consulting Group helps you grow revenue and provides you with unique sales training programs, all customized to fit your company's needs.

5. Tyson Group

If you are looking to help your sales team improve and have been doing it for a while, you might know that there are no magic words to achieve success. At the same time, no secret formula can tell you what to do to perfect your sales process overnight, and the Tyson Group understands this very well.

Instead of setting unrealistic expectations for sales managers and reps, the Tyson Group's approach is to achieve sustainable growth and a fantastic performance. Its four-step sales training process involves assessing, designing, teaching, and coaching, and it's what the company focuses on to cultivate meaningful results.

6. Wilson Learning

With various sales training program alternatives that have been around for over 50 years, Wilson Learning helps your sales team expand your business' market share, grow revenue, and much more.

Finding a program that fits the entire sales process is nearly impossible, but you don't have to worry about that with Wilson Learning. Instead, it offers you some of the best sales training courses you could ask for, including some that focus on perfecting strategic business calls, improving negotiation techniques, understanding buying behavior, etc.

Wilson Learning offers a customized learning process, and the sales training programs are available to organizations in 50 countries and no less than 30 languages.

7. Winning by Design

B2B and SaaS organizations can take advantage of Winning by Design's sales training programs since all of these are tailored to dramatically increase revenue.

Training programs, consulting, and many other resources are what you and your sales teams get with Winning by Design. Some of its courses include the following:

  • Account-based Prospecting

  • Selling as a Science

  • Provocative Selling

Scaling high-performance sales teams is what Winning by Design excels at, which is why it's behind some of the most impactful changes in companies worldwide. Dozens of online sales training courses are available for you in the Sales Academy, so you only need to choose the one you want and get started.

8. Vengreso

Sales management training requires conscious effort and time, and Vengreso understands this very well. Focused on providing the best sales training options to B2B organizations, this company offers various programs for sales professionals. Here are some of its course titles:

  • Selling with Video for Teams

  • Selling with Social Networks

  • Selling with LinkedIn for Teams or Individuals

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Teams

  • Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Teams or Individuals

Vengreso's approach is to train a more qualified sales team, create high-quality content that helps the sales strategies, and change profiles on LinkedIn and other platforms to build more sales.

9. Ariel Group

Many experts believe that customers are gaining control over sales, especially when it comes to online sales. Each day, clients' needs and opinions are more important, which is why reps need to develop certain skills to be able to effectively sell.

Ariel offers unique opportunities to sales professionals because it focuses on authenticity and empathy, two essential factors that contribute to your relationship with clients.

A blend of technological resources and various learning experiences is available for professionals who enroll in Ariel's sales training programs, and these include the following options:

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Coaching for Improved Sales Performance

  • Storytelling for Professionals

  • Effective Finals Presentations

  • Problem Solving Negotiations

10. ASLAN Training & Development

If customizing the learning experience of your sales reps is essential for you, then ASLAN Training & Development might be the partner you're looking for.

It offers more than just some online sales training courses. ASLAN gives you a tailored learning experience and customizes solutions for each specific situation.

Additionally, ASLAN seeks to transform sellers and turn them into effective professionals, all whilst guaranteeing they're able to orchestrate top-notch sales. You get numerous programs with this alternative as well as coaching from some of the best sales gurus on the planet, for example, Brian Tracy, who is a well-known sales trainer and best-selling author.

11. Aspireship

A unique platform might be what you're looking for to lead your sales managers down the road to success, and this is what Aspireship offers you. On many occasions, partners with B2B companies go from relying on Aspireship to getting roles as account managers, sales development representatives, and account executives.

The flagship course that Aspireship gives you is Saas Sales Foundations, and many learners report that it has robust information to compete and succeed in this challenging field.

Teams also get crucial benefits with Aspireship since they can access more than 50 hours of valuable content. Your reps can listen to the leading voices in the industry and learn about a broad range of topics.

12. Corporate Visions

Coming up with innovative solutions and strategies for your sales prospects is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of this industry. Therefore, effective sales training programs must guarantee that you're able to develop versatile methods and adapt them as time goes on.

Corporate Visions gives you the ideal sales training program for this, and it focuses on four specific skills: creating, elevating, capturing, and expanding value through sales management.

Every stage of the selling process is equally important if you want to boost your sales performance, and Corporate Visions recognize this, so the program guarantees that professionals will be able to continuously get high-quality results.

13. CustomerCentric Selling

The name should be enough to give you a good hint of what the sales training program is about. CustomerCentric Selling (also known as CCS) designs courses, classes, and all types of tools and resources to show your sales teams the best ways to boost performance through a buyer-driven approach.

CustomerCentric Selling offers customizable workshops, and you can change them to fit your company's needs. Some of the skills your sales team might develop are the following:

  • Creating unique business value

  • Lead qualification

  • Business development

  • Sales negotiation and control

14. DoubleDigit Sales

Unlike other examples of the best sales training programs you might find out there, DoubleDigit Sales offers a straightforward approach. Even so, it's immensely impactful.

The best thing about DoubleDigit Sales is that it partners with sales leaders and organizations to customize specific practical training solutions. At the same time, some of its sales courses include:

  • Aligning and Executing Sales Strategies

  • Finding New Customers

  • Expanding Relationships

  • Articulating Your Unique Value

15. GoSkills

With techniques and training programs that even masters have used to thrive, GoSkills offers some of the most successful alternatives when it comes to developing a successful career as a sales manager. GoSkills is an online platform that offers courses for different industries, sales being one of them.

GoSkills helps professionals find selling value and understand everything they're doing, which is why it offers innovative learning experiences and unique solutions and strategies.

The person behind one of the sales courses, Introduction to Sales, is the best-selling author David Brownlee, who has now gained fame because GoSkills helps managers, universities, and many different types of organizations. Overall, all kinds of people can benefit from the sales training course.

Furthermore, GoSkills also offers training for essential skills that any sales organization professionals must have: customer service, public speaking, Excel, and project management.

16. Impax

B2B companies can drive growth and achieve excellent results with Impax. Since it offers a myriad of sales courses and learning solutions, it's one of the best alternatives if you're looking for something with a holistic approach.

Impax has more than three decades of client-helping experience, which is why it focuses on value-based sales training and online programs to deliver the best resources and tools to all its learners. Some of the skills people might develop with Impax are:

  • Presentation

  • Account management

  • Dealing with gatekeepers

  • Lead qualification

  • Formulating strategies

  • Negotiating based on value

17. Mandel Communications

Your sales team can deliver impressive results, but they need to develop a specific skill set that allows them to deal with clients. Sales conversations are often challenging, and this is one of the most crucial aspects you should consider when you're looking for a sales training class.

Mandel Communications pushes sales success by teaching soft skills to salespeople. Instead of focusing on how to sell, Mandel boosts every stage of the sales cycle by helping reps adequately communicate their ideas, start meaningful conversations, express their unique value, present enthralling demos, and efficiently close deals.

Even though the aforementioned soft skills are crucial, many online courses neglect them. This doesn't happen with Mandel Communications, and it's why it's one of the best sales training programs you can find.

18. Mercuri International

More than 15,000 organizations get training from Mercuri International, which provides learning experiences in over 30 languages and helps people in more than 50 countries.

With a blend of impact training and specific learning experience, the Mercuri sales training course covers a wide range of skills and abilities.

Mercuri assesses clients and offers a five-step learning solution: analyze, design, train, change, consolidate; and this is what makes it different from many other sales courses.

19. New Velocity

Relying on a platform in which you can learn at your own pace is one of the most convenient options you can get when you have a sales job. This is exactly what New Velocity offers you - sales programs that you can go through depending on your available time.

The 'learn-at-your-own-pace' curriculum centers on four specific pillars: prospecting and approaching, closing and presenting referrals and follow-up, and leadership development. Moreover, New Velocity can help businesses of any size, so it might be the perfect sales training course for you.

20. RAIN Group

If you have been looking for the best sales training programs for some time, you might already know that the RAIN Group is one of the most famous, successful, and loved providers of all time.

With outstanding statistics, RAIN has helped people in over 70 countries and it designs programs for your sales teams, but these are not what you might get with any other organization.

RAIN guarantees effective learning and actual behavioral change, so it might offer the ideal educational opportunities for your team to thrive and for you to boost sales and performance.

This company partners with clients and offers one of the most unique experiences you might get: it helps you uncover opportunities. Therefore, it allows you to detect potential moments where your company can grow and start building up your new path from there.

21. Sales Readiness Group

Organizations and individuals can both benefit from working with SRG (Sales Readiness Group). This alternative lets you customize training programs to not only boost sales but also enhance your team's performance. Some of the skills your employees might develop are the following:

  • Sales management

  • Advanced value-based selling

  • Basic selling skills

Customizing your learning process is essential, especially when you need to tailor your sales methods to fit your company's needs. Thus, SRG offers the options you might want to achieve this.

22. The Brooks Group

Another one of the most famous alternatives to get high-quality sales classes is The Brooks Group, which has gained fame for offering customizable options, a robust curriculum, and award-winning solutions.

B2B professionals can improve their skills with The Brooks Group by relying on its IMPACT Selling methodology. This strategy has won numerous awards and various experts have validated its effectiveness throughout the years.

More than 350 industries teach the six-step IMPACT methodology, and the best thing is that you can deliver this learning experience to your reps via onsite training, online, or both.

23. Value Selling Associates

Since it's the company behind the award-winning sales training ValueSelling Framework, it helps all kinds of businesses and organizations to thrive. Fortune 1000 corporations, startups, and mid-sized businesses can all benefit from this sales educational experience, but what does it have to make it stand out from any other one?

The answer is simple - the ValueSelling Framework emphasizes value over price and it teaches people that this approach actually works. Furthermore, its training blends the following methods:

  • Workshops that instructors lead

  • A reinforcement method that uses videos

  • On-demand courses

  • Training based on activity

24. Action Selling

Unlike many other sales training sites, Action Selling has been around for over 30 years since it began in 1990.

Hundreds of thousands of sales professionals have grown with Action Selling, and time and time again, they've proven that you need to improve your critical selling skills if you want to boost your sales performance.

This company pioneered in incorporating massive chunks of data into its infrastructure for learning, which is something that many other corporations have done afterward. Nowadays, Action Selling emphasizes improving selling proficiencies as one of the essentials of growing as a seller.

25. Cegos Group

If you are a professional business manager, you have probably done some research about the most reputable training courses you might provide to your sales team.

You have likely come across the Cegos Group already, which is close to turning 100 years old in this industry. It has helped hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide, and it continues to be one of the industry's educational leaders. People who rely on it to learn might develop some of the following skills:

  • High-performance selling

  • Customer relationship

  • Key account management

  • Negotiation for sales

26. Factor 8

While other training programs might provide you with unique methods to try, sales leaders themselves created Factor 8, which makes it a unique option among the competition.

Expanding a new business, adding value, and booking appointments are some of the skills you might learn with Factor 8, but there is much more than that as well.

One of the best aspects of working with Factor 8 is that it prioritizes a hands-on approach. It's not only about learning the theory but also making sure that reps can put it into practice. Thus, its method focuses on hitting the phone, trying, coaching to close the deal, and repeating the process.

27. FranklinCovey

More than 150 countries' salespeople have benefitted from FranklinCovey's Sales Performance Solutions. A key aspect of these is that you can deliver them through different methods, for example, online training that consultants lead, self-paced courses, or sales coaching platforms.

FranklinCovey's solutions cover a broad range of topics, but some of the most famous ones are customer success, deal closing, and lead qualification.

28. Imparta

Experts have translated Imparta's training content into over 30 languages, and that alone should give you an idea of how effective it is to help business managers to boost sales and performance.

Although you might have not known this, Imparta's customers include some of the most famous brands in the world, such as Telefonica, Cannon, and Intel.

Just like with many other top-notch learning platforms, Imparta allows you to customize the educational experience and guarantee that it fits the needs of your corporation.

However, with Imparta, you get to decide whether you want your reps to get a hyper-specific course or design something more general that includes the development of several skills.

29. Kurlan & Associates

More than 200 sectors and five continents' clients work with Kurlan & Associates and its training solutions, which focus on three straightforward steps: understand, apply, and implement baseline selling strategies.

One of the firm's most famous training programs is the 12-week course on teaching sellers how to have meaningful conversations and close good deals. Even so, you also get a myriad of other alternatives to choose from.

30. Miller Heiman Group

This is a global organization that helps professionals all over the world, and it offers game-changing technologies and educational resources to guarantee behavioral shifts in sales reps as well as performance improvement and revenue increase.

With numerous training courses and classes, the Miller Heiman Group certainly gives you a few options to choose from. However, the following are some of its signature alternatives:

  • Professional Selling Skills

  • Conceptual Selling

  • Large Account Management Process

  • Strategic Selling

31. Online Sales Training

Dealing with rejection, resistance, and reluctance to change are some of the most challenging aspects of managing a team. However, no need to fear - offers the ideal solution for all of that.

SalesBuzz's online B2B training program guarantees that it can eliminate call reluctance, build your team's confidence, and increase sales.

During eight weeks, your team will be able to spend an hour working on a specific phone skill that they'll later put into practice. Since SalesBuzz cares about helping you improve your management methods as well, it provides feedback about the most and least engaged students.

32. Sales Hacker

Asides from partnering with industry leaders to provide the best tools and resources to your reps, Sales Hacker also creates ground-breaking learning experiences that might completely challenge your employee's beliefs and test their skills as they try to boost your corporation's performance.

One of the best aspects of Sales Hacker is that it hosts two free webinars each week, and any sales rep can take advantage of them and master a new ability.

Lastly, Sales Hacker also publishes leadership content, which might be very convenient for you if you want to grow as a leader.

33. Sandler Training

The last option on this list is by no means the worst alternative - Sandler Training has been around for over five decades, and it continues to lead the sales training industry.

Sandler Training pioneered what many companies know today as 'reinforcement training,' which is one of the essential aspects of boosting performance and increasing revenue.

With a robust curriculum filled with fresh, innovative content and actionable strategies, Sandler Training stands out from the rest by providing learners with some of the best training experiences out there. Finally, all kinds of B2B companies can embrace the offers that Sandler Training gives since its coursework adapts to corporations of any size.

Extra: FDTC

Now that you know some of the best sales training program alternatives, it's time that you understand more about FDTC (From Demo To Close), a B2B SaaS sales training and coaching company that helps AEs (Account Executives) improve their sales conversations and close more sales demos. FDTC offers coaching and training for account executives as well as on-demand SaaS sales demo training via FDTC University.

Even though it has not been around for as much time as some of the previously mentioned alternatives, its understanding of the B2B SaaS industry, and innovative methods allow you to increase sales conversion rates relatively fast.

Should You Take Courses to Improve Your Sales Skills?

You should always take courses to improve your selling abilities as well as your reps'. Even though you have been doing something that works doesn't mean you can't change the strategy and get even better sales results.

Change often leads to fear and this is a completely normal reaction. However, this is what training is for - to show you the newest trends and teach you the best ways to make things work. If you're not changing, you're not growing.


Sales training courses are convenient and guide you to develop specific skills, such as negotiating price, building rapport, and establishing credibility to improve your sales abilities and revenue.

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