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B2B SaaS Sales Demo Coach | Double Your Sales Figures with Professional Sales Training.

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The reality is that the sales industry is evolving. Sales calls and mediocre sales demos just won't cut it anymore. Consumers and businesses are more careful about the software applications they use, so to thrive in such a challenging and competitive industry, sales reps need to receive proper training.

Moreover, the market is saturated with sales reps selling similar software solutions. To stand out from the crowd and attract your target market's attention, you'll need a good understanding of the sales process to help you close more demos and make more sales.

Our 90-day sales training program will provide you with everything you need to close more deals or ensure that all your reps are prepared for the task of selling B2B SaaS solutions to a fastidious target market.

What Is B2B SaaS?

B2B SaaS (business-to-business software as a solution) refers to cloud-based software provided to companies rather than individual clients. The software is typically priced on a month-to-month, yearly, or quarterly subscription model. It is a sales approach in which a service provider hosts and makes these software applications accessible to enterprises through the internet.

The following services form part of B2B SaaS offerings:

  • Product management

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Social media management

  • eCommerce

  • Web hosting

Why Selling B2B SaaS Demos Is So Difficult

The truth is that selling SaaS is more difficult than selling most other things.

Here's why:

  • Purchasing a SaaS solution may require considerable changes to a business's systems or operations. This can lead to resistance from prospects and other buyers within the organization.

  • In the case of technologies like CRMs, where the software can affect the entire organization, the onboarding process may involve substantial training. Oftentimes, buyers' FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) revolves around the amount of time and effort that's required to get onboarded.

  • The sales cycles in B2B SaaS sales can vary from really short sales cycles (45 days or less) to longer sales cycles (6+ months). Knowing how to navigate through the prospect's timeline while hitting sales quotas is challenging.

  • Businesses are extremely cautious when signing up for SaaS solutions because they tend to come with commitments and contracts unless you're selling a monthly subscription model where buyers are paying month to month.

This means that your sales professionals (SDRs and Account Executives) must be properly trained in the following areas:

  • Product

  • Buyer persona/ICP

  • Industry

  • Sales discovery

  • Sales demos

  • Closing/Negotiating

  • Sales follow-ups

In order to make a persuasive pitch that resonates with their prospects, they must clearly and confidently highlight the features that solve the prospect's problems that were extracted during discovery, as well as get "buy-in" from everyone else in the buyer's organization.

Why Your B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Might Not Be Working

From knowledge gaps in the product, sales, buyer, and industry to slow onboarding, there are a number of reasons why your software may not be selling as well as you had hoped. Here are some of the reasons why your training programs may not be as effective:

There's No Plan of Action

Receiving all the sales training in the world won't help if a sales rep doesn't distill the information into their unique use case. In other words, are they taking the sales training around objections and customizing it based on their buyer personas? Are they tweaking the discovery portion of the sales training to tailor it to their type of prospects and conversations?

Generic sales tactics won't always work, especially when it comes to B2B sales, so careful consideration must be made, and the strategy should be tailored to appeal to that particular client.

Sales Demos Are Generic

Oftentimes, AEs (account executives) do generic demos. They show the prospect every feature the software has to offer and don't tailor it to the prospect's unique use case based on the AE learned in discovery.

This creates an overwhelming and boring buying experience for your prospects.

No Post-sale Analysis

Many companies simply focus on training sales reps to make sales and don't focus on analyzing the results of deals won or deals lost. This means that the sales team is left with a vague idea of what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, this can lead to repeated mistakes and gaps in knowledge, crippling the ability to scale.

Sales Leaders Often Don't Have the Time to Spend on Sales Coaching

While sales executives like VPs of sales and sales leaders (sales managers and sales directors) may have the know-how, they are often swamped with work and simply don't have the time to spend on a coaching session.

In a study done by, founders and sales leaders said they want to coach their sales teams, but the "number one sales coaching challenge is not having enough time."

This is where professional B2B SaaS sales coaching comes in handy.

Your sales team will receive the training they need to thrive in a competitive industry, and you won't have to use a busy sales leader to establish a capable workforce.

Poor Onboarding

Another problem with B2B SaaS sales strategies is that while companies hire new account executives, they don't provide them with the sales training they need or take too long with the onboarding process, hindering overall sales targets.

When a new sales rep joins a sales team, it generally takes three months or more to ramp up and get onboarded. It can take another six months for them to become proficient and nearly a year or more for them to become top performers.

Since they'll need to get acquainted with the company and its procedures, it takes roughly six to nine months to reach full productivity. However, it's not just about optimizing productivity, but also about new reps becoming ingrained in your company's culture.

What You Can Do to Fix These Problems

Our B2B sales coaching approach isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. However, we use the same frameworks to identify problems in your B2B SaaS sales strategy and address them during the training program. Here's how we help businesses:

1. Diagnose the Problem

The first step is to identify the problem. We'll talk to the sales leader and his or her reps to find out what specific issues they're experiencing in their sales process, sales discovery, demos, and post-sales demo analysis.

2. Devise a Strategy

Next, we'll use these findings to develop a training strategy to address these problems. This involves ensuring that the customer journey is improved as well as the sales team's performance. Is there a problem with the way you present a sales demo? We'll teach you how to do it differently and better. Consider one of our clients that had a team average demo win rate of 29% before engaging with our B2B SaaS sales coaching program. After only 3 months with FDTC, they saw a 68% demo win rate increase.

3. Implementation

Once we've devised a tailor-made solution, we'll integrate it into your workflow as seamlessly as possible.

4. Sales Training

Sales training involves arming your sales reps with the proper sales frameworks and templates they need to succeed. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

5. Coaching

We'll conduct continuous sales call coaching (and deal strategizing) through 1:1 and/or group sessions, to ensure that your teams are learning from past mistakes and continuing the good habits they're doing in sales demos. Ongoing training and support will ensure that the changes you've made will stick. You and your team will receive ongoing support to help you reach your sales goals.

What Can You Expect from Our 90-day Sales Coaching Program?

When you sign up for our sales training program, you and your team will receive the following benefits:

Empower Sales Reps with Knowledge

It's important to remember that sales coaching isn't stepping in to close a deal on a sales rep's behalf. Instead, it involves equipping every sales rep with the knowledge and skills they will need to make that first discovery call and prepare a successful sales demo.

In one study, professional B2B training helps sales teams achieve their quota 75 percent of the time.

A Holistic Approach to Assessing Past Demos and Sales

We don't just offer sales tips or teach your reps how to make sales calls. Instead, we adopt a holistic approach to address potential problems and help your teams learn from past mistakes and successes.

Virtual Training and Recorded Coaching for Added Convenience

Additionally, all of the sales demo coaching and training are recorded so that you can use them at your own convenience. You'll also have access to us via a shared Slack channel, this means that you can reach sales reps, whether they work from home or at the office.

Access to FDTC University

This is an online learning platform that your sales reps can use when they're not in a sales coaching session to brush up on their skills.

More Reasons to Choose FDTC for Your B2B Sales Demo Coaching

With so many sales training companies on the market making promises to help you improve your B2B sales, you might be wondering why you should choose us. Here are a few reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

Here are 5 reasons:

  1. FDTC focuses on a very specific niche, sales demos. We don't coach on prospecting or cold calling, there are plenty of people that focus on that. We focus on discovery, demo, follow-up, and close.

  2. We don't train or coach until we've understood the business's buyer persona, challenges, and goals. This allows us to provide coaching specific to your niche and the personalities of each AE.

  3. We've built and trained sales teams to close over 50% of their sales demos month over month (as well as having closed over 50% of my own sales demos).

  4. When you're dealing with FDTC you're dealing with the founder, Mor Assouline.

  5. When you're dealing with the founder of FDTC, you're his top priority, Mor doesn't coach hundreds of companies at a time, which means he's highly responsive and extremely accessible.

How to Get Started

If you're ready to optimize your B2B SaaS sales demos and ensure that your team is working at its best or if you're interested in learning more and want to chat, book a call over here.

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