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3 Tactical Copywriting Lessons To Close More Sales Demos

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Copywriting and sales are not that different:

  • Good copywriting captures an audience's attention

  • Good copywriting tells a great story

  • Good copywriting is entertaining

  • Good copywriting makes you think

  • Good copywriting converts customers

  • Good copywriting increases sales

If you're account executive team is doing sales demos they should study copywriting and marketing as much as sales.

Here are 3 lessons you can take from this marketing ad that you can use during sales demos and follow-up emails:


Writing well-written blogs is tedious and boring.

👉 Lesson #1:

Speak to what your prospect's frame of mind might be when they're dealing with a particular goal or problem.

For example, did your prospect book a demo with you because they're looking to leave their competitor because they're unable to do X? If so, talk about it on the demo: "Kelly, some of our customers that came from ABC SOLUTION have mentioned that they're unable to do X, but were able to accomplish Y with us like this...."


Blogs are really important, but because it takes so long, and requires a lot of patience, many people neglect writing them.

👉 Lesson #2:

Speak to your prospect's fears, goals, and aspirations (agitating the pain). Sometimes they don't make decisions because of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), such as dealing with new hires, having low bandwidth, or something else. If you speak to their FUD, you're validating that you understand them.

If your prospect is coming from a competitor, maybe they're concerned about data migration, onboarding time, loss of features/functionality: "John, one of the biggest concerns I hear from folks that are thinking of switching from ABC SOLUTION is that they don't have the bandwidth to migrate all of their data and users into a new system."


Who knew that there's a way to write blogs using AI and remove all the annoyance that comes with it? If someone can go from snail to Cheeta (when writing), that solves their problem of hating to write.

👉Lesson #3:

Show your prospect the light at the end of the tunnel. Show them a before and after scenario. Sometimes this can be used in a form of testimonials, infographic case studies, or a demonstration.

If your prospect is coming from the competitor and the most common FUD is time to get onboarded into a new solution, have a case study (which you should request from marketing/sales enablement) around a customer of yours that had that EXACT same FUD, but was able to onboard in X time. "Kelly, I mentioned that we have a lot of customers that also had to transition from their old solution into ours in a very short period of time, but I rather show you real use-cases/proof as to how quickly we're able to get you migrated over."


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